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Custom LED Applications

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Custom LED Lighting designs have created many new opportunities for various products ranging from retail lighting displays to LED tail lights. Some products previously relied on traditional methods of lighting, such as the fluorescent light bulb. Other products may not have been feasible without the technological benefits offered by custom LED lighting. The list directly below features only a handful of the LED lighting applications produced by our company.

Custom LED lighting design has created new opportunities for a vast array of custom lighting applications. To organize and evaluate potential lighting applications, our team has strategically categorized custom LED lighting under three general classifications.

LED illumination

LED Illumination Applications

The most popular and rapidly growing LED applications are those intended strictly for illumination. Illumination applications pertain to any custom LED lighting design with the intent to provide visible light for human environments. A few examples include LED home lighting, office lighting, and LED array lights for special task lighting. LED illumination applications present the most challenging design parameters when compared with alternative applications, such as LED tail lights and LED brake tail lights. This is typically due to thermal issues as well as increased power requirements and higher cost of materials for the LED array. Thanks to advancing technology, light emitting diodes are becoming brighter, more efficient, and less expensive. These advances will lead to many custom LED lighting design opportunities for new LED illumination applications. Four general characteristics can typically identify most LED illumination applications.

High Luminous Output

LED illumination applications typically serve as the primary light source within a given environment. A relatively high luminous output is critical in most custom LED lighting illumination applications. Unfortunately, some common characteristics associated with higher luminous outputs from an LED bar include increased temperatures and power requirements.

White or Warm White LED Emission Color

LED products designed for illumination applications commonly utilize white or warm white LEDs. High power white LED lamps are more common and readily available in a variety of package styles and beam angles. However, some white LEDs provide surface illumination that appears more natural. Colors tend to look better when illuminated by a white LEDs that result in a more naturally appearing surface illumination.

Wide Beam Angle

Increased beam angles are commonly associated with LED illumination applications because of requirements for a broader area of illumination. LED lights containing a beam angle of 70 degrees or greater provide the best results in most illumination applications. Many high power LEDs are available in a 100 degree beam or greater. An optical lens designed to interface directly with the light emitting diode and printed circuit board offers a means of beam angle reduction. This reduction may be necessary if an LED light in the desired beam angle is unavailable or the specific application requires a narrow beam angle.

Direct Light Exposure

Most custom LED illumination applications operate on the concept of direct light exposure. LED emissions radiated directly into the intended environment result in maximum luminous output. Reflectors and diffusers are rarely beneficial in illumination applications. However, modern optical lenses tend to offer an efficient means of beam angle modification.

LED Illumination Applications: Real World Examples

  • Aircraft interior lighting
  • Aircraft landing lights
  • Aircraft taxi lights
  • Aquarium lighting LED array
  • Artifact lighting
  • Auditorium lighting
  • Automotive headlights
  • Automotive interior lighting
  • Bookshelf lighting
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Camper/RV interior lighting
  • Closet lighting
  • Desk lighting
  • Hallway lighting
  • Handheld flashlight
  • Home interior lighting
  • Jewelry case lighting
  • Marine interior lighting
  • Office interior lighting
  • Showcase lighting
  • Stadium lighting
  • Stairway lighting
  • Streetlights
  • Under-counter lighting
  • Workbench lighting

LED Indicator Applications

The most resourceful custom LED applications include those designed for indicator purposes. The indicator class includes any custom LED lighting product designed with the intent to provide an optical indication to identify a specific condition or status. Such applications may include aircraft runway lighting, automotive LED tail lights, and electronic message signs. LED availability and cost efficiency promote a wide variety of LED indicator applications. As a result, LED technology is most practical when applied in LED indicator applications. As technology advances, LEDs are becoming less expensive and increasingly efficient. However, the current day technology offers an abundance of new design opportunities for LED indicator applications such as LED brake tail lights. Three characteristics are typically associated with most LED indicator applications.

Medium Luminous Output

LEDs with an extreme luminous output rating are not always necessary for ordinary indicator applications, such as the LED tail light. A reduced luminous output can provide sufficient lighting while reducing heat dissipation and simplifying the overall design. Design costs and power requirements are considerably less.

Narrow Beam Angle

Generally, luminous intensity increases as the beam angle decreases. This promotes visibility from greater distances. Reduced beam angles are more commonly associated with LED indicator applications such as LED brake tail lights. Light emitting diodes containing beam angles between 15 and 70 degrees often provide the best results in most indicator applications.

Colored LED Optical Output

Indicator applications most commonly incorporate colored LED emitters. Aircraft lighting applications typically utilize red, green, and white LED lights. Automotive applications may utilize red, white, and orange. Electronic message signs may utilize single colors or a combination of red, blue, and green.

LED Indicator Applications: Real World Examples

  • Aircraft anti-collision lighting
  • Aircraft navigation lighting
  • Airport obstruction lighting
  • Airport rotating beacon
  • Airport runway lighting
  • Airport taxiway lighting
  • Airport VASI / PAPI
  • Automotive LED brake tail lights
  • Automotive marker lights
  • Automotive LED tail lights
  • Automotive turn signal lighting
  • Control panel indicators
  • Emergency vehicle signal lighting
  • Manufacturing equipment indicators
  • Message signs
  • Motorcycle brake lights
  • Motorcycle tail lights
  • Motorcycle turn signal lighting
  • Scrolling signs
  • Trailer truck side markers
  • Wide-load escort beacon
LED applications

LED Utility Applications

Custom LED designs specifically for utility purposes are among the most technically advanced LED lighting applications. LED products classified as utility, perform a very specific task or function. Medical, dental, and plant growth LED array lights include a few basic examples of LED utility applications. Much of the common population remains unaware of the extensive number of abstract LED utility applications available in today's market. In many cases, the LED array may perform only a single function as a part of a larger scheme of operations. As LED popularity continues to grow, the technology is appearing more often in household devices and office equipment. As technology advances, LED utility applications will also continue to prosper. Three design characteristics are commonly associated with LED utility applications.

Hybrid Technology

In the majority of LED utility applications, the LED and associated circuitry operate in conjunction with various other systems. The overall design scheme may feature numerous technologies, often times with no direct relation to LED lighting. It is the entire system, including the LED light and numerous other technologies, which enable functionality.

Specific Optical Wavelength

LED utility applications typically perform a very specific function or task as a sub-component of an advanced system. Specific electromagnetic emissions produced by the LED light typically play a critical role in the overall operation. In many applications, infrared or ultra violet light produced by the LED lamp is beyond visible range of the human eye.

Stand-Alone LED Lamp

A single LED light is often sufficient in most LED utility applications. The radiometric or photometric flux produced by the emitter offers enough energy to perform a specific task or function. In addition, managing a single light emitting diode is more feasible than an LED light bar, where flux from numerous emitters would require strategic focusing.

LED Utility Applications: Real World Examples

  • Camera Flash
  • Communications
  • Copy machines
  • Dental
  • Digital scanners
  • Fiber optics
  • Medical
  • Plant growth
  • Remote controls
  • Robotic vision
  • Skin therapy
  • Ultra-violet charging
  • Ultra-violet sterilization
rgb LEDs

LED Ornamental Applications

The most spectacular LED applications include those designed for ornamental purposes. The ornamental class includes custom LED lighting designs with the intent to provide an ornamental lighting effect. Such applications may include automotive accent lighting, holiday lighting, artwork, and novelty LED products. Perhaps the LED ornamental applications are among the most glamorous of all designs. The possibilities are endless thanks to a wide variety of single and multi-colored LED lights. Today's market diversity accounts for a wide variety of LED colors, beam angles, and package styles. In the future, advancing LED technology will continue to promote new ornamental LED lighting applications.

LED Ornamental Applications: Real World Examples

  • Artificial candles
  • Artwork illumination
  • Automotive headlight accents
  • Automotive interior lighting
  • Automotive under-carriage lighting
  • Backsplash lighting
  • Channel letter illumination
  • Christmas tree lighting
  • Clothing illumination
  • Holiday boarder lighting
  • Hollywood special effects lighting
  • Home interior accent lighting
  • Ink pen illumination
  • Light sculptures
  • Light torches
  • Signage
  • Special props lighting
  • Toy illumination
  • Wall washing