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Custom LED Lighting Designs

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The following article list presents a general overview of custom LED lighting design information published on our website. We decided to publish these articles in an effort to educate our clients on various aspects of LED lighting technology. Many design firms do not feel that it is necessary to provide potential clients with detailed educational materials. At Lunar Accents Design Corporation, we believe that our clients deserve access to the basic concepts required for understanding the operations of their custom LED lighting designs.

LED Article List

You can find the following articles throughout our website. To find a specific document, you can enter specific search terms into the search engine located in the upper right corner of this page. All articles are property of Lunar Accents Design Corporation. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Popular LED Publications

  • "Interpreting optoelectronics datasheets" explains in depth, the many facets of optoelectronic datasheets. The reader can reference an example LED datasheet, provided courtesy of Nichia America Corporation. This article covers basic concepts such as determining LED optical characteristics. It also covers advanced subjects such as understanding the temperature-derating curve.
  • "The Truth about Lumens per Dollar" teaches readers about the basics of the lumen per dollar concept. The publication goes on to explain potential pitfalls associated with the typical lumen per model.
  • "Understanding LED Cost Efficiency" describes the basics of cost efficiency and universal formula to calculate for lumens per dollar. Real world examples offer an applied approach to understanding cost efficiency. This article also explains how less efficient LEDs are ultimately beneficial in special applications.
  • "Designing the first LED Landing Light" offers an overview into the design of the first LED aircraft landing light. This article examines aircraft landing light applications, FAA regulations, as well as the benefits of applying LED technology in aeronautical lighting applications.
  • "High Power LEDs" teaches readers about high power LED technologies. This publication outlines the general characteristics of the high power LED and explains the differences between high power LED lighting and traditional custom LED lighting designs.
  • "LED Lifespan" explains the universal definition of LED lifespan and goes into detail about potential factors that can affect LED lifespan. This article also covers common misconceptions associated with LED life spans.
  • "Optical Characteristics" provides a general overview of LED optical characteristics such as luminous flux, luminous intensity, optical wavelength, and beam angle.
  • "Custom Design Process" explains the many facets involved with engineering a custom LED lighting design. This publication outlines the ongoing process between our engineers and the client throughout the custom design process. The reader will also learn what is required prior to submitting a custom lighting design to our engineering department.

Additional LED Related Publications

  • View the complete list of publications about LED lighting from our site index. You may view articles about individual topics by clicking on a topic located in the orange navigation menu. To search for a specific topic, enter your search terms into the search engine located in the upper right corner of this page.