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LED circuits

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LED Circuit Boards

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Stock LED circuit boards can accept up to seventy-two total LED lights for custom LED lighting designs. Three primary circuit divisions each offer an independent power bus. However, the three primary LED circuits share a common ground. Each circuit contains twelve sub-circuits. Two LED lights and a 1206 surface mount resistor contained within each of twelve sub-circuits offer favorable architecture for InGaN technologies (blue, white, green, yellow, and purple). Additional flexibility offered through a series of cut-points permits physical separation while maintaining LED circuit functionally.

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LED pcb

LED Boards Specifications

Our minimum LED PC board dimensions starts at 1.8 inch long, 0.5 inch wide, and 0.062 inch thick. Two vertical silkscreen lines specify cut marks in 1.8-inch increments. The smallest division of our LED circuits board will accept between two to six 3mm or 5mm LED lights, through plated through-holes with a 0.045-inch diameter. Three isolated power pads allow circuit switching for special applications requiring dimming or color mixing control. All three circuits share a common ground. The spacing or pitch between LED lights within any single circuit is equal to 0.9 inch. However, a fully populated PC board segment (with six total LED lights) will feature a reduced pitch of only 0.3 inch.

Maximum LED PC Boards Lengths

Many lighting applications will require a LED circuit board much longer than 1.8 inches in total length. The maximum board length is equal to 21.6 inches from end to end. This LED board can accept up to 72 total LED lights, and actually consists of twelve 1.8-inch board segments. For special custom LED lighting applications requiring more than 72 LED lights, the client may request a series of interconnected circuit boards adjoined by jumper leads. Such a configuration can result in an array of circuit boards much longer than 21.6 inches from end to end. The spacing between LED lamps at connection points remains consistent with LED lamp spacing along the entire LED circuit boards. Wire termination pads on both ends feature a 0.043-inch diameter. Stock LED circuit boards are normally available as singular boards, as opposed to a panel array. However, panel arrays equipped with rails and tooling holes are available upon special request.

Series and Parallel LED Circuits

Numerous power terminals located in various locations enable series or parallel configurations when interconnecting multiple LED PC boards. Each of the three primary LED circuits contains a five amp maximum current rating. Together, the three circuits shall not exceed the nine amp maximum current rating. Parallel configurations offer the most favorable operating conditions, since series connections may promote circuit overloading on boards in proximity to the power supply. Additionally, series configurations may cause significant voltage drops leading to decreased luminous output.

LED Circuit Boards Artwork

To view a scaled configuration corresponding with assembly bottom, assembly top, copper layer bottom, copper layer top, drill, schematic, silk screen bottom, silk screen top; refer to the PDF files located just below.

LED PCB Fabrication Standards

Board manufacturing and testing is per IPC-6012, Class 2 specifications. Characteristics are subject to inspection under the manufacturer's inspection or quality control system and in accordance to IPC-A-600, Class 2 specifications. Electrical testing of the bare board is not required. Material consists of FR4 per IPC 3101/21. Copper cladding for external layers is two ounce copper before plating. Overall board thinness is 0.062" +/- 0.003" and is inclusive of all plating and solder-mask coatings. All plated through holes consist of copper plated to a nominal thickness of 0.0015" and contain a minimum thickness of 0.0012". All exposed copper consists of tin-lead plated and fused or solder coated to a minimum thickness of 0.0003" per IAW QQ-S-571. Liquid photo-image black solder mask is applied over bare copper on both sides of the board per IPC-SM-84-, Class H. Solder mask registration is within 0.005" and has a minimum thickness of 0.001". The component board side contains white nonconductive epoxy ink conforming to A-A-56032 specifications. Neither exposed pads nor holes contain legend ink. Conductor width does not vary by more than +/- 0.002". Conductor spacing is not less than 0.010". Plated through holes contain a minimum annular ring of 0.005". Dimensional tolerance for all holes is +/- 0.005" or +/- 0.003" by special request. Positional tolerance for all holes is +/- 0.005 or 0.003" by special request". Front, to back registration does not vary by more than +/- 0.005". Maximum warp and twist across diagonal corners of the board does not exceed 0.0075" per inch.